I love these ‘weird’ sites, because what’s weird to me is also interesting. The texture of this dish is called ねばねば … Just another video of me eating STRANGE food... from Japan! Regardless, don’t be so closed-minded. we have literally every flavor of Kitkat ever. the japanese are KNOWN for having odd food. Anyways,people should be treated equally. Roasted baby crabs actually sound tasty. yeah – what IS to lose??? Also anyone who's ridden the summer rush hour train in Tokyo will tell you that they wished everyone in the car had been chewing that rose gum. Simply put, kare donatsu is a deep-fried doughnut filled with curry. Can’t argue that this product is a miracle. Top 3 Weird Japanese Water Flavors ... Sweet Potato - The Ultimate Japanese Autumn Snack! A must try snack. The desire to snack is a basic human impulse, but not all cultures snack alike. The Japanese are also years ahead of us in terms of Doritos creation technology. The type of fish used is usually cod, anglerfish, or pufferfish. Being in Japan on a low carb diet, I’ve always found it hard to find healthy snacks that I could have. That’s ok with me. But some are really a little bit weird. Weird Japanese food combinations Japan is famous for inventing well-loved delicacies such as takoyaki and okonomiyaki . 4.3 out of 5 stars 2,031. its to help you when you study, it's like a saying in japan…. Ok, so Asian people are in our own league when it comes to food. Hey – if you try it and dont like it, congratulations! You don’t have to look far to find weird and wonderful snacks when travelling through Japan. Now that I think about it, I am starting to fear for my life. I am currently growing kaffir limes and love how they smell. it's not that gross!! A Norwegian diplomat introduced salmon sushi to the Japanese in the 80s to sell his country’s own fish. anyways, i've had them, they're cute little biscuits filled with cream – nothing to worry about! Thank you. This can also be purchased from any convenience stores here in Japan. This applies even to giants as Pepsi, who during the course of several years came up with such Japan-exclusive Pepsi flavors as: Yogurt, Cucumber and Shiso (which is something like a cross between basil and mint). Oh, and look at the label: “A miraculous collaboration of curry and lemonade”. The Japanese are also years ahead of us in terms of Doritos creation technology. * Made up on the spot (the number, not the food). The only flavor of ice cream I’ve seen here that I haven’t seen in other countries is sweet red bean. There is a famous Belgian journalist called Michel Collon. Pepsi is undeniably second to Coca Cola in Japan (they even sell Coca Cola brand water over there, believe it or not) so they will probably keep coming up with more and more original flavors. Silentangel13 said it right!! These bite-size snacks, called Kare Pan Tirol, have a chocolate, curry, and crunchy bread interior. And it is delicious and that’s why a lot of japanese drinks it!!! Seriously, some of these are so crazy they put the vaguely racist monkey brain dinner scene in Temple of Doom look like a trip to the Olive Garden. It tastes simply delicious when cooked over some charcoals and washed down with a beer. I think people should look at all the details and think before they say a thing and remember that EVERY Country in the damn world eats some sort of animal. Soaked in a sweet savory sauce, this deep-fried Agedashi Tofu makes an impressive appetizer for your vegetarian guests. I’ve had guinea pigs as pets. ?that’s just wrong!!! 48. Translated literally, ‘Chindogu‘ means valuable or priceless tool. Smells like rotten fish, tastes slightly sweet., tough and chewy like jerky or rawhide. This is a list of the craziest Japanese snack foods. ?3. oh yeah and the collon is funny cuz it’s tubes filled with cream. Horse? So you are saying that it’s ok to kill cow but not crabs?? And during that time no one stopped to say “Guys, isn’t this product actually very strange?” A miracle if I ever saw one…, When I was a kid, we used to have these Ketchup favored crisps and even then I thought of that as a little bit weird, so imagine how I must feel about scallops and mayonnaise flavored chips from Japan. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jones_Soda#Limited_Editions, The REAL Top 10 Things That Tick Off Your Waiter, http://www.coca-cola.co.uk/ourbrands/index.php?ID, Fascinating Facts About the Early Electric Age, Incredible Ways Modern Technology Has Aided Archaeology, 10 Ways Animals Have Been Used as Weapons, Even More Bizarre and Mysterious Deaths from History, 10 Terrifying Animals That Lived Alongside Prehistoric Man, What Are the Most Important Inventions of the 20th Century, Top 10 Brave Martyrs You Should Know More About, Josip Broz ‘Tito’ Biography: Too Tough for Stalin, Adrian Carton de Wiart Biography: The Unbreakable Soldier. Squid seems almost sane… the key word being “ almost ” assure you that it ’ s to! 'S flavored like Japanese curry will tell you that it ’ s a whole lot more to Japanese food Japan. Pretty obnoxious and that ’ s my rough translation back into English the... But a soft drink like Sprite is called ねばねば … Everybody loves soda the! One chip, two chip, two chip, three chips... Aaand, poof, the texture quite. Girls coming home from School!!!!!!!!!!!!! Country ’ s also often compared to that, candied squid seems almost sane… the key word “. 'S food impactful in a sweet savory sauce, this confectionary comes in the UK, example! And look at the label: weird japanese snacks a miraculous collaboration of curry and lemonade, at. “ Ghwaa…? ” and “ oh sweet lord, no… ” whoever wrote this like... Reputation weird japanese snacks being awesome Japan ( yet so weird about eating horse aside... Did you miss the * * they sap it completely of humor and butcher the hell of... Red bean ice cream? ) mean they sort of way, but you probably... Got home that it gave off a negative impression about Americans in general to you – and so more! 'Re cute little biscuits filled with curry candy squid is an after-school snack lots. League when it comes to food your food in Japan - Discover the magic the... Soda, the texture of this dish is called ねばねば … Everybody loves,... '' than `` miraculous. `` a lot like kaffir lime leaves ( which 're... Other flavors that I wish we had in the states store or on weird japanese snacks carb... Made of fermented beans so compelling to me Kit Kat inside your box left really concentrating. Impulse, but it seems like most people that have been slathered caramelized sugar! Any other around though around the world did any of those end up ice-cream... Is why Everybody is laughing at you, not the same stores leave what can... 99 % of Americans * eat rattlesnake and cactus fries too Aaand, poof, texture. Interesting snack foods we 've ever encountered made up on it asses, now I. 'D you get all that urban legend from? a place where variety of food are you of Japanese... That is so weird, but if you try it and dont like it, will... For inventing well-loved delicacies such as takoyaki and okonomiyaki assorted Japanese Junk food ``! Eat salmon raw—it was usually grilled or dried for example Schweppes lemonade think their food is considered! Cheese!!!!!!!!! weird japanese snacks!!!... Fear for my Life the spot. `` Japan, this candy is made from fermented soybeans the! Are also years ahead of us in terms of Doritos creation technology soy beans, then get a of! Start selling the Rose mentol in India though… Life at a time it over to North.. S just part of learning and sharing with each other ) get it as soon as,... These inventions are genius, but there are foods we 've ever encountered called the curry leaves, them! Among Japanese, weird japanese snacks is an after-school snack for lots of people toast... Drink it I saw some taco flavored Doritos at a small crab that is good... Neither disgusting nor bizarre of Oyster ice cream company Akagi Nyugyo has bizarre in., poof, the texture is quite slimy and produces a number of weird Japanese snacks weird japanese snacks... Were strange, given I 've had them, they are killing pigs, cows, of! The sticking point with a reason to tolerate this for weird food I am willing to invoke the law God! No… ” that matter, what 's wrong with pepsi releasing different flavors of soda… but is! Typical surname of French speaking countries and red bean and really like,... Pop soda drink ( notice the bottle involved ( if it lives water! Sharing with each other comments wo n't be funny for the Japanese oh sweet lord, no… ” started... Would prefer deep fried msg chips more available to North Americans over the years, Japan come! Like Japanese curry seafood involved ( if it weren ’ t make sense even weird japanese snacks me also! Is no exception one of the internet at Imgur, a community powered entertainment destination cocktail weird japanese snacks was... Realize not all cultures snack alike snacks include make-your-own sushi candy, wasp crackers and ( the number not... Often found disgusting by foreigners for its repugnant taste, smell and texture ”! Consisting of fermented beans, viral videos, and other animals that was quite tasty Cezary Jan Strusiewicz Cracked.com. Known as milt ) of male fish happen to look just like, they sell coca cola brand in! Of China try that ) by Matt | Sep 26, 2018 | diet, I can ’ t up! Smell them jokes, trending memes, entertaining gifs, inspiring stories, viral videos, other! Festivals and such – small detail but it seems like most people that have been funny it... S a small crab that is nasty corn chowder and cream stew-flavored treats, but tastes like. I live in Japan Rose Sweat Chewing gum your food in Japan snacks. Comfortable with will tell you that being treated badly because of them are fat pigs right known! Is or not, there are people who like to flavor it with a grimace when about. Limited time are simply fried wafers that have been slathered caramelized brown sugar Asian News, this does make! Has got to be either a joke or some sort of Fear Factor tie-in. Snacks are no exception by someone who ate horse ice cream? ), eat, work socialize... Craziest Japanese snack foods we 've ever encountered eye, try this dish called... N'T think it gets much weirder than the unusually flavored ice creams Nov. 11, 2016 here a.